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Our Programs


The foundation of our company is consulting.  It's what we've done since 2014 with great success!  Many of our clients have stated  "no one is doing what you do".  We think it's because no one has the experience that we do, period.  Each of our consultants is carefully chosen for their years of successfully working in the fine jewelry industry. They have been leaders and they have developed leaders.  They know the ins-and-outs of operating a jewelry store that is unique to the independent jeweler.  They've been there, done that (successfully!).  Sales training is just one component of what we do.  Everything we teach you is interconnected to another process.  Most of our clients see a minimum of 10% increase in revenue after the 1st year of engagement.  In the end, it really does depend on you, the owner.  We provide the knowledge and processes, you provide the desire and action to make the changes that will help you have a smoother operation with less worries and concerns along with increased profits! 

The process begins with a phone consultation with Vince.  The calls usually take 30 minutes to an hour.  This is when we get to know you better, discover what your needs may be and do a quick analysis of your situation.  You will find out more about us, what we do and how we do it.  If, after the phone consultation, you would like to explore more we arrange a ......

Discovery Visit.  The Discovery Visit gives us a chance to really delve into your stores operation - from the sales floor to the CEO.   It is a 2 day on-site consultation. You, also,  will learn a lot just from the Discovery Visit.  After the Discovery Visit you will receive a Summary, usually within 2 weeks of the visit.  

The Summary is a comprehensive report. To see a sample of a Summary Report click here.  You will learn where the strengths and weaknesses are in your store, along with a plan to help in areas you might need help in.  After you review the Summary Report most store owners decide to proceed with the engagement. 

The Engagement is a 12 month, 12-day onsite program.  About every 8 to 10 weeks you will get a 2 day onsite visit to check on progress. In between store visits receive coaching phone calls every 1 to 2 weeks.    On the 1 year anniversary it will be determined, by you, whether to continue on the 12 month program, transition to the maintenance program or discontinue the service.  


The Coaching Program is something new we are offering and comes in two different versions.  One version is for those on the POP Report.  If you subscribe to the POP Report the coaching will help you interpret the report and get expert advice on how to use it, based on the sales management process, to increase productivity in your store. 


The second version is very similar to our onsite consulting, working from the ground up and addressing every aspect of your stores needs.  Store visits can be arranged, based on the consultant's availability.  

Pop Report*

The Pop Report - long awaited and finally here! What is the POP Report?  It's a data-driven, behavior based program which helps simplify the complex sales management process.  Optimum Retail Solutions partnered with Buyers Intelligence Group (BIG) to create a report like no other report available to the independent jeweler.  The Report will offer so much information on your stores performance.  For the first year we highly recommend that you subscribe to both the POP Report and Coaching V.1 to get the most out of the service.  

*  Please inquire to find out if your POS system is compatible.  

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