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Trusted Partners

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BIG designs solutions for the myriad of merchandising challenges facing retail jewelers and manufacturers. BIG utilizes a powerful data analysis tool, Balance to Buy, to help consult with our clients and customize their individual experiences and results. For our performance groups, we dive deeper into understanding their entire business model. The ideas that come from these powerful meetings become actions; our analysis turns into profit and shared best practices create strategic plans for their future.

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Andie Weinman and Joe Murphy are the proud owners of one of the most prestigious organizations in the jewelry industry, Continental Buying Group. Andie and Joe have both been in the jewelry business for over 35 years with extensive backgrounds in both manufacturing and retail experience. Recognizing that customers wanted assurance when purchasing, they created Preferred Jewelers International™.

“Trust and assurance is what everyone wants and needs when it comes to your special jewelry purchases. Only a Preferred Jeweler can offer their customers a FREE Lifetime Nationwide Warranty. Preferred Retailers believe in...

              "Experiences that last Lifetime™"

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TRAX Sales mission is to provide the most accurate, easiest to use traffic counting products and software and to double every client’s profitability within the first 6 months of use, then do it again every year.


Clientbook is a mobile clienteling solution jewelry retail sales associates. By using Clientbook, retailers gain visibility and control over the customer experience, resulting in more store visits, better sales conversion rates, and higher average dollar sales. To learn more about how Clientbook can help your brick and mortar store, request a demo today by visiting

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"Helping businesses connect directly with their customers over the phone through marketing, appointment setting and cold calling services.”

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