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About Optimum Retail Solutions

Optimum Retail Solutions was established in 2014 with the goal to provide comprehensive, personalized service and support to the independent jeweler. A robust partnership centered on your ​​company's values, strengths and goals.  Our clients tell us they have never had the level of personal attention, support and results provided by Optimum Retail Solutions.
As we've grown over the past 8 years we've added consultants and added The Pop Report, a new software program.  Our consultants, Vince, Tim, Jack, Guy and Dayna have a combined total of nearly 200 years of experience in the fine jewelry industry.  
Have a question about your business?  Want more information about what we do and how we can help you?  Schedule a free 30 minute consultation today!   


Optimum Retail Solutions Introduction
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Do you need a consultant or a coach?

Sometimes you need both; someone to provide input on WHAT to do and another on HOW to do it. 
At Optimum Retail Solutions, our business is founded on providing both roles.  With more than 100+  years of industry experience, our consultants have the expertise to provide solutions to your most pressing operating problems.  Then, we act as coaches to help guide the implementation phase.  Because we work with you on a regular basis, we help monitor progress, provide training and feedback and follow up against your goals so that you achieve the results you expect.  Our clients tell us they have never had the level of personal attention and support provided by Optimum Retail Solutions.

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Numbers you can count on......

In 2019 we introduced the POP Report, a data-driven, behavior-based program that helps simplify the complex management process.  The POP Report is a joint venture with BIG, Buyers Intelligence Group.  

Also available, and optional to the POP Report, we offer a coaching program designed to go enhance the report and improve your results faster!

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